Sensors in industry help reduce production costs, product traceability and better product quality. Sensors in the production process capture data that optimizes the speed and quality of the final products.

In our production program we offer:

Proximity sensorsincluding inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, magnetic field sensors and magnetic cylinder sensors.
Photoelectric sensors (photocells) including Thru-Beam sensors, retroreflective sensors, diffuse sensors, fiber optic sensors, fork sensors, light curtains, distance sensors, matrix sensors, color sensors, glare sensors, luminescent sensors sensors, sample sensors.
Machine vision are used for automated inspections and measurements. 2D and 3D scanning is used, through which color control, code reading, positioning, presence status, quality control and 2D and 3D measurements are performed.
Ultrasonic sensors to detect objects or measure levels with millimeter accuracy, including Thru-beam ultrasonic sensors, diffuse and reflected ultrasonic sensors, and “dual detection” ultrasonic sensors.
Rotary encoders are used as sensors for angle, position, speed and acceleration. They convert mechanical input into electrical signals, which are processed by counters, tachometers, PLCs or industrial computers.
Sensors for condition monitoring including sensors for vibration control, oil quality control, flow measurements for compressed air or water.
Limit switches are intended to detect the final position in the operation. They are available in standard, heavy, compact or miniature versions. Wireless and battery-free limit switches are new. It converts this signal into wireless data that can be documented and analyzed via IoT without a cable connection.
Pressure sensors and switches are intended for measuring the pressure of gases and liquids. The pressure sensor acts as a transducer that generates a signal based on the pressure difference in the measured medium.

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