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Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to tie something at home or in the garden, but you didn’t have a rope? Or was the rope not strong enough? It’s even awkward when you have to tie a lot of things and we can’t cut the ropes.
That’s when laces come in handy. It would be best if you always had one set in your pocket. Here you can also get ones that don’t even fit in such a big pocket. The longest laces we offer are 78 centimeters long and can hold up to 80 kg. They are most often used to bind entire pallets. The smallest ties are 10 centimeters long and come in handy for all small jobs. They can be used to connect cables, close a bag, tie flowers and many other things.

Laces for home or production

Our ties can be used at home or in production. They are used to pack products, attach banners, correct errors, tie cables in electrical cabinets and much more. They are also often used in viticulture, fruit growing and horticulture. In a last resort, you can also use them instead of snow chains!
We offer black and white laces. Black laces are more suitable for outdoor use because they better tolerate UV radiation. They also prefer to use black ties for tying cables because they are less visible.
Ties can be used in environments where the temperature varies between -40 °C and +80 °C. They are made of “Nylon 66” material, which is high quality and strong. In addition to the quality material, our laces are wider and thicker than others. This makes them stronger and more useful for all purposes.

Installation clamps and insulating tape

We don’t only sell shoelaces. You can also get other binding material from us. Insulation tape also comes in handy in any workshop. We have different colors available, the best sellers are white and black. White insulating tape is very useful because you can write marks on it.
Installation clamps help us connect different wires. We offer double-row, single-row and closed clamps of various dimensions and the best quality.
Ducts for wiring in electrical cabinets and plastic cable ducts for installation are available in different dimensions.
Cable glands are mostly used in industry, where it is necessary to route cables into electrical cabinets.
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