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Electrical cabinets, housings or boxes are intended for the installation of electrical or electronic equipment, for the installation of switches, buttons and screens, and for the prevention of electric shocks to users of the equipment and the protection of the contents from the environment. The housing is the only part of the equipment that is visible to the users. Depending on the regulations, they can be adapted for installation in various demanding environments, such as: installation outdoors, installation in damp areas, installation in hot rooms or in dangerous areas. They can be made of plastic or metal such as sheet metal or stainless steel.

In our sales program we offer:

  • Distribution boxes made of different materials
  • Wall-mounted compact electrical cabinets
  • Freestanding multifunctional electrical cabinets
  • Polyester wall or freestanding cabinets
  • Building cabinets with associated sockets
  • Dedicated cabinets such as control panels, operating arms
  • Stainless steel cabinets for use in particularly demanding environments
Schneider Electric Rittal

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