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Socomec for network monitoring and analysis

Socomec is one of the leading companies in the field of production of UPS devices, electricity consumption meters. energy, network analyzers, toggle and load switches and many other products for network monitoring and analysis.

Socomec is a French company that was founded in 1922 and today employs 3,100 workers. Its core business is the availability, control and security of low-voltage electrical networks with an increased focus on the rational use of energy.

Important products include:

  • uninterruptible power supply devices UPS – NETYS
  • Countis E electricity consumption meters
  • DIRIS A network analyzers
  • mains-aggregate, mains-UPS ATYS switches


Electricity is vital for many critical functions of society.
With a diverse product line, solutions and services, Socomec offers its expertise in high availability power systems.
As a specialist manufacturer in this field, we know the risks of poor quality power systems and can offer reliable answers to your requirements with superior knowledge and technology.

Socomec prednosti

As a leading manufacturer of switchgear and switching equipment, Socomec also offers solutions for fuse protection and electronic protection as well as insulation control.
Take advantage of the expertise and experience of a leading manufacturer to:

  • guaranteed continuous high quality energy,
  • protection of personnel and property,
  • optimal electrical network.

We offer standard or custom solutions and specialized services tailored to all your applications.

Investment in photovoltaic installation is long-term.
In this regard, output power, system availability, equipment durability and operational safety are key criteria.
Photovoltaic installation is primarily an electrical device, which is why the Socomec company has all the necessary expertise, experience and solutions that meet your requirements.

Measuring energy consumption, using the best tariffs, checking energy bills, limiting reactive energy…
These are the right ingredients for the energy efficiency of your installation!
We offer the best designed solutions (instruments, software packages and services) to help you achieve real and lasting results.

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