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Fresh air in the apartment is very important. With suitable ventilation, we remove unpleasant odors and get rid of stuffy air. The bathroom fan is especially important. There is the most moisture and unpleasant odors, which must be removed on an ongoing basis. It is best to choose quality ventilation that replaces a sufficient amount of air in the room.

How to choose a bathroom fan

Which bathroom fan we choose depends on various factors. The most important thing is the size of the bathroom and how often we use it. If the bathroom is large, I choose a larger fan. Likewise, if it is smaller and very frequently visited. You can get fans with a diameter of 100 mm, 120 mm or 150 mm from us. You can choose between those with or without flaps. A louvered bathroom fan closes after being turned off. After operation, the flap closes the opening so that the air no longer circulates and also looks nicer. Fans that do not have a flap have an attached membrane that acts as a one-way stop. When the fan blows, it opens and when it stops blowing, this membrane covers the hole. This prevents odors and unwanted air from entering the room from the outside.

Switching on and off via sensor or timer

The bathroom fan is usually turned on with a switch or via a sensor. Users have found that it is good if the fan continues to work even after leaving the bathroom. So manufacturers have developed a timer that extends the operating time. When we turn on the fan with the switch, we turn on the timer, which is on for as long as it is set. The bathroom fan can be set to run from 45 seconds to 20 minutes. This ensures that the bathroom fan removes all moisture and unwanted odors from the bathroom.
They went even further with the development. The timer was upgraded with a humidity meter – a hygrometer. So you can now determine at what humidity the fan turns on and when it turns off. When the humidity decreases, the fan continues to run for as long as the timer is set. This is best suited for bathrooms where you shower often or have problems with moisture. If the problems with moisture are too great, check our range of local recuperators.

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Fantini Cosmi

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