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Presentation from creation to today

Our beginnings date back to 1973, when we started producing electrical materials. It started with the idea of ​​making electrical clips. From the idea came to implementation and in a short time the basement was transformed into a workshop. After a few years of production, the sales program increased. In 1991, so many products were already available that we started wholesale, which has since been operating under the name ELTEH d.o.o. We are a specialized wholesale and integration company in the field of electrical installations, buildings, power engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial maintenance and automation. Our advantage is quick responsiveness, a large selection of products from various suppliers and a competitive price.
You can find our products in various electrical stores, they are also used by many installers. Manufacturers of electrical cabinets and manufacturers of machines and tools find everything they need for their work here. We supply high-quality electrical material to industrial companies for maintenance and automation needs.

Vision for the future

In the company, we strive to follow the development of our industry. Above all, digitization and the so-called digital transformation. We will strive to offer the customer an excellent user experience, constant availability and develop new user tools. The vision of our company is to follow these trends and offer our customers the most comprehensive, cost-effective and technically advantageous solutions.

With our help, products are more accessible and maintenance is even easier and simpler!

The operation "Upgrading e-commerce with the aim of expanding operations in foreign markets in the company ELTEH d.o.o." is co-financed through the public tender "E-BUSINESS 2019-2022" MORE

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