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Fresh air is very important for a good quality of life. New buildings are built in such a way that they do not let in outside air. Old houses usually have a problem with increased humidity in the rooms. Problems with poor ventilation can be solved by a local recuperator. This is a device that changes the air in your rooms. However, it also has this special function to prevent excessive heat loss. The local recuperator is installed in the outer wall of the house, a hole is drilled through the wall, a pipe is installed in the hole and a fan is added. There is a special ceramic exchanger in the tube that takes care of heat exchange. The fan blows from the room for a while. Warm air is heated by a ceramic exchanger. Then the fan reverses the direction of rotation and supplies air from outside into the room. The air travels over the warm ceramic exchanger and is heated in the process. This way we get heated fresh air into the room. In the summer, however, the heat exchange works in such a way that it does not heat our indoor air.

Local recuperator of different diameters

Several types of recuperators are available. They differ in the way of management and the size of the pipe. For smaller rooms, we use smaller recuperators with a pipe diameter of 100 mm, and for larger rooms, larger ones with a pipe diameter of 160 mm. They can be operated with a wall controller, remote control or via a smartphone. You can also choose between a main unit and an additional unit. The main unit is the one that also contains the controller, and the additional unit only contains the pipe, exchanger and fan.

Management via smartphone

We recommend a local recuperator with remote control or control via a smartphone. These units also have a built-in sensor for humidity, light and heat. With the help of these sensors, it regulates the speed of operation. This is especially useful at night, when the wall recuperator switches to night mode, which does not make much noise.
You can find the local recuperator in our online store. If you have any additional questions, you can also write to us.

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Fantini Cosmi

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