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A surge is a short-term increase in voltage. The voltage can rise by a few volts or over 100,000 V. Small differences can occur due to poor wiring, faults in the mains or electrical appliances, and differences in ground potential. Surge protection not only protects devices on the electric cable, but also on internet and telecommunication installations.

Surge protection in the event of a lightning strike

A surge protector is usually built in to protect against lightning strikes. It can also protect us from other mistakes. Overvoltage can also occur due to faults in the electrical network, electrical devices, installations or differences in grounding potential. Any surge damages your electrical appliances. Small differences can be imperceptible, but big differences like shock and lightning can be fatal for your devices. And not just appliances, such damage can lead to a fire that can destroy your house.

Surge protection is not an expensive and complicated investment. The article is in the form of an automatic fuse and is installed in the electric cabinet in your facility. To protect the 1-phase installation, we install one protection. If we want to protect the 3-phase wiring, we install three protections and connect them appropriately.
It is especially important to protect business buildings and workshops. If there is a problem with the electrical network due to overvoltage or the electricity is turned off, we suffer economic damage. If you have a built-in surge protector, you can only be without electricity for a short time. But if you don’t install it, it can destroy your entire production. Maybe it only destroys a machine, in the worst case it can burn down an entire commercial building.

We offer protection ETI and Schneider Electric

We offer overvoltage protection from two manufacturers: ETI and Schneider Electric. ETI has the ETITEC program dedicated to this. Schneider Electric offers you products from the Acti9 program. In this program we find: surge arresters and surge protection devices. Protective devices protect us from type 1 or 2 overvoltage, some have an integrated circuit breaker. Surge protection for Telcon and IT networks is specially available.

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Schneider Electric ETI

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