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Cables and wires
Conductors and cables are used to transmit electricity, signals and data. They consist of one or more cores and insulation. They mostly use copper conductors, but also aluminum conductors for distribution.
Cables are divided into:
Insulated cables and wires, which are used for wiring cabinets and connecting smaller consumers. The most common types of these cables are: NYM-J, FROR, H05 AND H07…
Energy cables with sections up to 300mm2, which are used to connect consumers of higher power. The most common types of these cables are: NYY-J, NAYY-J, NAY2Y-J,NYCYM FG160R…
Control cables, which have up to 65 wires and are used for signals. In many cases, great flexibility is needed due to the routing of the cable along the robot or cable chain. The most common types of these cables are: YSLY-JZ, YSLY-OZ-JB, LIYCY, LAPP, TKD, HELLUKABEL…
Data cables used for data transmission. The most common types of these cables are: UTP, FTP, S/FTP, RG59, optical and alarm cables…
Halogen-free cables, which according to new directives and guidelines are mandatory in all new demanding facilities. The most common types of these cables are: H07Z, NHXMH, N2XH, NXH FE180 E30-E60…

Collection systems for the distribution of Canalis electricity
There are three types of collector systems available, namely for lighting, for small and medium power and systems for high power. Canalis is used as a cable replacement. It is easy to install and very reliable, while offering greater protection against damage and fire. Via various connection cabinets, the new consumer is connected quickly and without disconnecting the entire line.

Cable shelves
Cable racks are used for all types of distribution, whether it is through the building or the assembly line. They can be made of sheet metal or stainless steel. With additional material, such as knees, level barriers, T-pieces or reducers, it is possible to adapt 100% to the route.


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