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The consumption and quality of electricity is an increasingly important factor in production processes and in general. With the system of meters, analyzers and with the support of software tools, we can monitor and manage energy at any time. The analysis enables a quick response to potential problems and energy management. With the help of analytics, it is possible to monitor the performance indicators of individual production lines or the entire factory, and strategically balance efficiency, reliability and costs.

Everything for the implementation and maintenance of industrial automation

In our sales program, we offer everything for the implementation and maintenance of industrial automation. Electricity meters for mounting on a DIN rail, with the possibility of supporting various communication protocols such as: Modbus, M-bus, ETHERNET…. They provide a complete overview of energy consumption and production on the spot with a complete four-quadrant measurement of transmitted and received working and reactive energy . In addition, extensive real-time measurements (V, I, P, PF) give customers more details about their energy consumption, and multiple tariffs allow customers flexibility in terms of planning their consumption in relation to the current price only.

Power consumption analyzers, which provide all the measurement capabilities needed to monitor electrical installations. Active load timers monitor meter operation and operating hours and advise on maintenance requirements. Depending on the requirements, different modules can be added to the analyzer itself, such as: digital outputs, digital inputs, analog inputs, communication modules.

Sensors for changing electric current, voltage and power

PowerTag-Schneider Electric are sensors for electrical energy measurements with class 1 wireless communication, they are compact and easy to install. They are designed for both new and existing communications and are intended for universal use regardless of the manufacturer of the existing equipment. They can be used to monitor current, voltage, power, power factor, energy and transmit this data wirelessly via the concentrator to the control program.

Current transformers, which are used for implementation in the low-voltage range in the range from 20A – 6000A. On the secondary, they have a current output of 0-5A, which is proportional to the primary current. There are different current transformers for different accuracies.

Schneider Electric

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