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Schneider Electric

For the correct distribution of electricity and the protection of electrical devices, we need appropriate and high-quality equipment. The electrical cabinet usually contains an FID, automatic fuses, a time switch, a countdown timer, and it may also contain a surge protector and a toggle switch.

Automatic fuses, countdown timer, time switch

You choose the equipment depending on how big the facility is and what your requirements are. The countdown counter in the house allows us to control the consumption of electricity. The main electricity meter is usually placed outside so that electricity suppliers have access to it. Automatic fuses protect the electrical installation in the event of a fault on the device. We distinguish between single-phase and three-phase fuses. Three-phase fuses are used for large consumers of electricity, such as various machines. A time switch allows us to determine when a device will work.

In addition to the listed products, you can get other electrical material for cabinets from us. We are a distributor of Schneider Electric, which manufactures quality electrical material for all needs.

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Schneider Electric

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