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Siemens leading manufacturer of industrial automation

Siemens is a global leader in the industrial automation segment. Our products represent a de facto industry standard that has been accepted by practically all actors in the production chain.
Investment in Siemens products and solutions for industrial automation is long-term, customers have local support and service available, as well as a reliable partner for the entire life cycle of a solution.

Their most recognizable products are:


SIMATIC controllers are the most commonly used PLC controllers in industry in Slovenia and Europe. They are used to control and manage all types of machines, devices and industrial lines.

LOGO! Logic Module is an ideal controller for simple operations in industry and also for home use, such as controlling roulettes or similar.

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SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers for the implementation of less and more demanding automation implementations. They are available in standard and SAFETY versions. They are characterized by their compactness and low price.

siemens SIMATIC S7 1200

The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller provides the highest standards, with it we can manage the most demanding operations thanks to its modular structure.

SIMATIC ET200 I/O offers a multi-functional, modular and scalable solution for distributed control without steering directly on the machine. It can be integrated into the entire automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET communication.

TIA Portal is a program for programming SIMATI controllers. It is a fully integrated automation program. It provides unrestricted access to the entire range of automation, from planning to integrating program blocks and transparent operation.

TIA Portal


SIRIUS Contro – industrial contactors 3RT, overcurrent protection 3RV

SIRIUS Hybrid – 3RW soft starters and solid stater contactors

SIRIUS Command – buttons and signal lights, traffic lights, limit and safety switches, slide switches

SIRIUS Monitor – time relays, monitoring relays, SK SAFETY relays and controllers, AS-Interface

Siemens Sirius


SINAMICS frequency converters V20 0.12-30kW

SINAMICS frequency converters F120C 0.55-132kW

SINAMICS frequency converters G120 0.55-250kW

Siemens Sinamics

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