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Electric underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular. Almost all new buildings have underfloor heating. Wall-mounted radiators are a thing of the past and are often no longer used, except for bathroom radiators that we use to hang towels. But we can also install electric underfloor heating in the bathrooms, which ensures that the space is adequately heated. It can also be installed in all other rooms. Since it is laid over the entire floor, it has a large surface area for heating. With this, we achieve that the temperature in the room is more even and the stay more pleasant.

Electric underfloor heating in the form of a grid

Installation is easy because the electric floor heating is made in the form of a grid. The net is installed under the floor coverings. Before you decide on this method of heating, you should check if it is possible to install it under the floor covering you have chosen. It works best under ceramic tiles, and if you choose parquet, it must be suitable for this type of heating. Installation is best done by a qualified craftsman, but if you are skilled in construction, you can also undertake this task yourself.

Setting via thermostat

Grids for electric floor heating are available in different sizes. They are packed according to the surface to be covered. They are available in sizes from 1 m2 to 5 m2. All nets are 50 cm wide. This allows us many different combinations for each room. The product consists of a plastic mesh to which a heating cable is attached. The heating cable must not be shortened, and the mesh can be cut and turned in the other direction. Our nets are 4.08mm thick and come complete with a 3m connection cable.
In order for the underfloor heating to work, you also need a thermostat that regulates the operation of the network. The desired temperature is set on it. The thermostat measures the temperature via an external sensor. When the temperature falls below the set value, the heating is switched on. Digital or analog floor heating sensors are available.

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