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The company sales program:

Electrical cabinet
Switches and sockets

Schneider Electric for industry and home

Schneider Electric is a global company specialised in energy management. It offers integral solutions for ensuring safety, reliability, efficiency in infrastructure, industry, data centres, business and residential buildings. The company Schneider Electric employs 166000 people in 102 countries on all the continents. In the year 2021 they had revenues of 29 billion €.
Schneider Electric is a global specialist for energy management, the most important segments are:

  • power distribution, medium and low voltage
  • industrial automatization and control
  • automatization and building safety
  • installation systems and steering
  • control and power steering
  • uninterrupted power supply services

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The most important products

Unica switches and sockets
With 7 different designs, different colour options and prime materials switches and sockets Unica are one of the most diverse ranges of switches. It offers more than 150 electrical and electronical functions, like dimmable control, power supply, sockets and signalisation.

Schneider Electric Unica

Asfora switches and sockets
Asfora range includes stylish button for switches and sockets, internal and room dimmers, TV/R/SAT, power supply and data sockets, as well as loudspeakers. All of Asfora products conform to the newest standards and are made out of robust materials, selected to withstand the daily use throughout many years.
Electrical and communication sockets offer support for you favourite activities, offer connectability, be it for streaming video games to television/video or playing your favourite piece of music. The switches also come with a locator, which enables you to easily and quickly find the switch, even in darkness.

Schneider Electric Asfora

Sedna switches and sockets
Mechanisms are available in 4 colours and can be combined with 6 different frame colours: basic and metal colours.

Cedar switches and sockets
With their elegant form, robustness and compatibility they can manage all the challenges of indoor/outdoor environment, such as garages, basements, professional kitchens and industry. It is designed in white and light grey colour. The housing is made out of polyamide, which retains its characteristics also at low temperature.

Modular program ACTI 9
Product family Acti 9 is based on more than 40-years of experience of the company Schneider Electric. With it special characteristics it therefore offers a complete safety and improves consistency of operation. The system is suitable for all kinds of usage, is easy to integrate and environmentally friendly.

Contactors and motor starters TeSYS
Contactors and safety relays TeSYS represent the pinnacle in quality and reliability. The sales range offers everything from the most simple contactors to advance solutions like TeSYS island and TeSYS Ultra.

Contactors and motor starters TeSYS

Buttons and lamps HARMONY
With its Harmony line Schneider Electric brings and innovative and ergonomical shape, which improves the reliability of panels, machines and processes. It offers buttons and accessory with different kinds of adjustment possibilities.

  • Conformity with standards IEC, UL, CSA, CCC EAC and JIS, as well as with the label CE and approved for seamanship.
  • Protection classes up to IP66, 67, 69, 69K and type 4X.
  • Working temperature from -40 °C to 70 °C.
  • Degree of protection against impacts up to IK06.
  • High resistance against vibration with impact-resistant screws.
  • A large array of accessories for panel adjustments.
  • With different kinds of connections: screw clamp, Faston connector, spring terminal or circuit board.


Steel and polyester enclosures SPACIAL and KAEDRA enclosures

Schneider Electric SPACIAL

End switches

Inductive and capacitive switches Schneider Electric
Are a rounded series on the market, which is compatible with standard connections.
Characteristics: self-configuration, position perception with self-learning, standard, cylindrical and flat shapes.

Safety technology

  • Emergency stop devices
  • Coded magnetic switches
  • Confirmation switch
  • Detections carpets and edges
  • Two-hand steering
  • Light curtains
  • Zero speed
  • Time delay
  • Lifts



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