Electrical material
for home

All the necessary material for your home, from switches, sockets, electrical boxes, cables, recuperators…

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Industrial automation
and steering

Our sales program includes sensors, photocells, PLC controllers, contactors, cables…

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Electro material and online electrical store

We are a specialized company for wholesale and integration in the field of electrical installations, buildings, power engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial maintenance and automation. Our advantage is quick responsiveness, a large selection of products from various suppliers and a competitive price.

In the company, we strive to follow the development of our industry. Above all, digitization and the so-called digital transformation. We will strive to offer the customer an excellent user experience, constant availability and develop new user tools.

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electrical material Elteh d.o.o.

Online Schneider catalog

We have prepared for you a catalog of all Schneider electric products.

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Schneider Electric
Murr elektronik
Marechal Electric Group

Electronic store

The online electrical store offers you electrical material at affordable prices. In it you will be able to find various electrical equipment, such as: electrical cabinets, switches, sockets, inductive sensors, sockets, wiring channels, wiring pipes, household electricity meters, emergency lighting, cables, intercoms, bells, and much more . For purchases over 100 euros, shipping via the Post Office of Slovenia is free, delivery times for most products are 3-6 days.

Our suppliers

We have selected the best suppliers for a wide range of electrical materials. We sell electrical equipment from Slovenian manufacturers, such as: ETI, TEM, Intra, Iskra Zaščite, Iskra Mis, SM Strojkoplast,…

You can also get foreign manufacturers in our electrical shop, such as: Schneider Electric, Marlanvil, Arnocanali, Mersen, Vimar, Zamel, Pollman, Kopp, PCE, Siemens, ABB, and many others.

Sales program

We have electrical material in our offer where everyone can find something for themselves. If you’re just renovating, or if you’re doing business with it, you can get various electrical equipment from us. We have everything for home, industry, automation and other areas.

We have products for electrical wiring, such as ducts, cable pipes, electrical boxes, marking sprays, to products for final assembly, such as decorative covers, switches, sockets, bells, intercoms, lights, LED lights.

The operation "Upgrading e-commerce with the aim of expanding operations in foreign markets in the company ELTEH d.o.o." is co-financed through the public tender "E-BUSINESS 2019-2022" MORE

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