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We offer switches and sockets from the following manufacturers:
Schneider Electric TEM Čatež

The house offers us shelter and a place to live. We live in a modern world where life without electricity is unimaginable. We cannot imagine life without lights, telephones, stoves and other electronic devices. In order to use electricity, we need switches and sockets. We turn devices on and off through them. Sockets allow us to charge our phones, watch TV, listen to the radio or make coffee. That is why it pays to install quality products in your house that will serve us for a long time and with which we will not have problems.

USB sockets

A very diverse range of products has been available for a long time. With the development of mobile technology, new innovations have come to the market and with them new connectivity options. Nowadays, USB sockets are installed in almost every home, which allow us to charge devices even more easily. You can install them in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or other rooms. You can choose your custom color. We offer standard white, beige, silver and black, as well as many others to order. Recently, anthracite is a very fashionable color. This goes very well with modern forms of houses and surroundings.

Switches and sockets for outdoor use

We can also install electricity on the garden or terrace. Because the switches there are more exposed to external influences, they need special protection. So that we don’t have to make protective boxes or roofs, manufacturers have made products that are protected against rain and dust. Here you can find switches and sockets for outdoor use. Those that you install under the roof, where it rarely rains. Or switches from the “Mureva Styl” line, which have IP55 protection, which means that they are resistant to dust and splashes. They are available in anthracite or white, so they look good on any building, modern or traditional.
But not all switches are only for modern buildings. We also have a special line of “Asfora” switches, which are made just for adaptations of old houses. The switches are already complete, so you just take the old switch out and put the new one inside. There is a whole range of products available from switches, sockets, bezels, blind covers, rotary dimmers and more!

Schneider Electric TEM Čatež

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