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Products for the home are those that we use in the construction and furnishing of homes and commercial buildings. It starts at the electrical box into which the electrical wiring goes. We have to install automatic fuses there, protect ourselves with FID and overvoltage protection. In addition, we can add a main switch, time switches, toggle switch and anything else that can be found in our product range. Then we run the electricity further along the building. In order to use electricity and manage it, we need switches and sockets. We sell quality products from well-known Slovenian and foreign manufacturers. We have available modular systems TEM Modul and Schneider Electric Unica. If you are renovating old buildings, you can use the Asfora program adapted to this, which fits into the fi60 boxes.
Since ventilation is also important, you can get bathroom fans and local recuperators from us. They will ensure that the air in your building is always fresh.
But to connect all this, we have a large selection of installation material available. We offer electrical clamps, insulating tapes, ties, heat-shrinkable tubes and more.
But because everyone has their own wishes and visions for their home, we like to help you and find the products you are looking for for your project.

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