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Siemens Schneider Electric

As part of automation, we offer you:

PLC controllers: SIMATIC, Modicon

Automation can be briefly defined as the use of advanced technologies and automatic devices that enable automatic operation and control of industrial processes without human intervention and achieve greater performance than manual control. We use PLCs or industrial computers to manage these processes.
Automated industrial processes automatically adjust process variables to set or desired values, thereby reducing the need for manual management. In areas where dangerous or risky work processes take place, robots or dedicated manipulators are installed, which significantly improves people’s safety.

Industrial automation implementation and maintenance

Industrial automation represents sensors and actuators that monitor the work process. The sensors convert parameters in real time such as presence, temperature, color, flow or level into electrical signals, which are collected via the PLS controller and enable a quality and smooth production process.

In our sales program, we offer everything for the implementation and maintenance of industrial automation.

These are:

  • PLC controllers
  • HMI operating panels
  • Sensors – inductive, capacitive, magnetic, pressure and ultrasonic sensors
  • SAFETY safety equipment – safety curtains, safety relays, safety scanners
  • Industrial communication
  • Drive technology – frequency converters, servos and stepper motors with DRIVI
  • Power supplies
  • Connection technology – sensor islands, cables with connectors, connectors
Siemens Schneider Electric

As part of automation, we offer you:

PLC controllers: SIMATIC, Modicon

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