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Murr Elektronik decentralized automation

Murr Elektronik is a leading company in the field of development and production of modern decentralized automation for machines and devices. We focused on four main areas: power supply, interfaces, connection cables and I/O systems.

Production portfolio

Connection technique

Murr Elektronik offers one of the most diverse lines of cables for connecting sensors and actuators on the market. All types of modular connectors are also available.
They are distinguished by:

  • minimum order from 1 piece forward
  • every piece is tested
  • gold-plated contactite
  • standard IP67
  • certificates valid worldwide

murr elektronik anschlusstechnik

Fieldbus cables

In today’s industrial applications, communication between individual assemblies is absolutely necessary. In the production program, Murrelektronik offers variants for M8, M12 and RJ45 – The cables are 360° sealed against the effects of EMS, and transmits data, which is essential for a smooth production process.


Electronics in electrical box Murr Elektronik

Power supplies

The Eco-rail series is an economical version of power supplies with an excellent price-performance ratio and is usable worldwide thanks to UL certification.
Emparro® power supplies of various designs: EMPARRO®, Emparro® 3, Emparro67, Emparro HD-Heavy Duty, Emparro ACCU control,
represent the most efficient feeders manufactured by Murr, which are used in all demanding applications and environments.

murrelektronik eco rail


MICO electronic control of circuits on the secondary or 24V DC, the tripping current in case of failure is significantly faster than with classic installation circuit breakers. Saves proctor based on breaker usage. It is possible to turn it on and off remotely in case of service.


In the sales range, Murr Elektronik offers managed and unmanaged switches in a compact form or for mounting on a DIN rail. It is also possible to choose between different IP protections. The range is from IP20 to IP67.

I/O systems

I/O systems connect the actuators and sensors in the device to the controlling PLC system.

IO-Link solutions with MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro are compact implementations IO-Link master modules enable the transfer of extended diagnostic data in addition to process IO data. It is possible to connect IO-Link MVP8 and MVP12 distributors to these modules, thus distributing distributors throughout the entire machine or line. Analogue sensors and actuators can be connected to the iO-Link Master via the analog IO-Link adapter.

MVK Metal with IP67 protection are designed for use in demanding industrial environments and replace parallel wiring, thereby saving space in control cabinets. However, as a lot of attention has recently been placed on safety in industrial processes, MVK Metal Safety is also available, which enables active safety technology.

The distribution systems Murrelektronik M12 and M8 are intended for use and installation on industrial equipment, for connecting signals from sensors to the processor, and are distinguished by their compact design and favorable price.

murr elektronik I/O systems

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