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We offer electrical cabinets from the following manufacturers:
Schneider Electric

An electrical cabinet is needed to run electricity around the house. Even before the house is built, a construction electrical cabinet is therefore necessary. We put it on the construction site so that the workers have access to electricity. Since such a cabinet is exposed to difficult conditions, it must be of good quality. Only the best quality cabinets will serve their purpose. As a rule, they are placed in difficult weather conditions and work on the construction site does not spare them either.

Schneider construction electrical cabinet

Our Kaedra cabinets, from Schneider Electric, are suitable for such environments. They have a degree of protection IP65 and IK09. In addition to the fact that the construction electrical cabinet must be made of quality material, it is very convenient that various electrical components can be installed in it. Fuses, sockets and switches can be installed in the cabinet. The surface-mounted electrical cabinet Kaedra is available in various sizes. The size changes depending on how many openings it has and how many fuses we put in it. The number of openings tells us how many sockets we can install. We can install “ordinary” shuko sockets and industrial sockets for machines. It is also necessary to install fuses in the cabinet, which protect against problems. In addition to fuses, we can also add an FID, a main switch or something else. Depending on our needs, we choose a cabinet that can have from 1 to 8 openings and 4 to 19 places for fuses.

We install various electrical components into it

The external cabinet comes in handy most of the time on construction sites, but it can also be used in the workshop, at the weekend or elsewhere.
We also offer other electrical cabinets. A surface-mounted electric box and a flush-mounted electric box are usually installed in houses. The supply cable is pulled to it, and from there on, we run the electricity throughout the entire building. In cabinet, automatic fuses, FID, overvoltage protection, main switch, time switch and other components.

Various sizes and colors are available. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable one.

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Schneider Electric

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