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Industrial lighting is fundamentally different from domestic lighting. Fixtures for industrial lighting are of higher power, larger sizes and more durable quality. In addition, it is used for warehouses, garages, factories and other places where there is a risk of injury and accidents. In general, there are many workers in these places. Worker safety and productivity are strongly linked to industrial lighting. Poor lighting has a negative impact on work efficiency, causing headaches, misjudgment, errors or even injuries.

Why good industrial lighting is important

The right choice of lighting has a significant impact on the following factors:

  • Improved visual experience, by choosing the right color spectrum according to the space and the requirement of the work process. An important factor is the reduction of glare, which causes discomfort and fatigue and is very important for controlling the visual identification of material defects.
  • Reduce the chance of an accident by choosing the right industrial lighting consists of sufficient and high-quality lighting. A suitable one contributes to workers’ clearer vision and helps them recognize the position, people and speed of moving objects, thereby avoiding accidents or injury to people.
  • Improve the working environment because a clean and bright working environment with adequate industrial lighting shows respect for workers and motivates them to work. CCT or light color is very important. As a rule, more white light is chosen for industrial facilities. Improving the working environment also has a positive effect on increasing productivity.
  • Increasing productivity. Research has shown that suitable industrial lighting can increase productivity by approximately 10-50%, and reduce health problems such as eye problems, headaches and nausea by 30-60%. As workers are focused on their work, accuracy and speed are encouraged. As a result, proper industrial lighting helps to increase productivity.

Industrial lighting is important for visual experience, worker health, safety and productivity. Although the initial cost of industrial lighting is expensive, with proper industrial lighting, more profit is achieved due to increased productivity. AGC is a professional industrial lighting manufacturer.

industrial lighting

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