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Choosing the right equipment is important for each type of electrical cabinet.

Installation circuit breaker

The installation circuit breaker is the most important part in the electrical cabinet, as it detects an overload or a short circuit and breaks the circuit. Unlike the classic fuse, the circuit breaker can be switched back on.

They are distinguished according to the switch-off characteristic. The tripping characteristic of the installation circuit breaker indicates the tripping time of the installation circuit breaker as a function of the test current. According to the EN 60898 standard, there are three cut-off characteristics: B, C and D. These are used according to the purpose of protection.

Contactors and protective switches

Contactors are electromagnetically operated switches used to connect or disconnect loads in the main circuit. They are an essential tool in automation.

Circuit breakers are used to protect electric motors when switching on/off. They provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection. They offer an adjustable flow range of operation.

Load switches and circuit breakers

The load switch enables the switching of circuits under load. Provides a function with a delimiter requirement.

Circuit breakers are intended for the protection of electric circuits and devices in low-voltage power supply systems, larger commercial and industrial buildings and plants. In addition to overload and short-circuit protection, they also provide other features, such as a main disconnect switch function, remote on/off, and undervoltage protection.

Surge protections

Surge protection protects electrical devices from damage caused by lightning strikes or faults in the electrical network. The protection works if it is correctly selected and the installation is carried out correctly.

Power supplies

The primary function of a power supply is to convert the electrical current from the source to the correct voltage, current and frequency for further power supply. It must ensure a stable power supply, which is the key to the smooth operation of the system. There are compact, basic and more advanced industrial power supplies on the market, in 1- and 3-phase versions.

Siemens Socomec Schneider Electric ABB

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