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Since its founding in 1961, Rittal has continuously developed into a leading global provider of enclosure systems, power distribution, air conditioning, IT infrastructure and software and services. Today “Rittal – The System.” offers a sophisticated and coordinated system platform. This platform combines innovative products, engineering solutions for the future and worldwide service for a wide variety of requirements. And all this in various industries – from mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, all the way to IT infrastructure. 10,000 Rittal employees produce and develop “Rittal – The System”. Synergy potential can also be realized with our subsidiary Eplan, a leading manufacturer of software for engineering solutions.

Everything in one place, everything in top quality.

Endless possibilities from one source

Their products provide the basis for “Rittal – The System”. Thanks to the modular system architecture, solutions can be precisely adapted to needs and requirements. Completely individual, adapted to the requirements of the company and profession directly from the standard sales program.
The system platform “Rittal – The System” is, for example, a TS 8 switch cabinet that can be used as an IT cabinet. In addition, Rittal’s offer includes a large number of standard enclosures – from small enclosures to compact switch cabinets and complete system rack cabinets.

In the area of ​​power distribution, “Rittal – The System”, together with the Ri4Power switching system and the RiLine power distribution system, ensures a reliable power supply that suits almost all applications. All electrical devices produce heat. Air conditioners offer a solution to this problem as well, as they ensure that heat loss from the housing is effectively removed. The sales program in the field of air conditioning includes sophisticated filter fans and outlet grilles for industrial housings to sophisticated cooling systems for cooling demanding IT infrastructure.

If you decide to buy micro data centers, or if you are looking for individual solutions for small and medium-sized companies, or if you are building a complete data center, Rittal can offer you concepts and individual products in all size classes.
Thanks to the modular assembly principle, “Rittal – The System” offers almost endless application possibilities. And all from one place.

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